OSR Tuesday Night Run: +-6mi Run, 2 Bridges

Meet 7:30pm at Lost Weekend

Pace Group 1: (Jan) – 7:00min/mi for 8mi, leave at 8:00pm Sharp (see alternate 8mi route information below)

Pace Group 2: (Joe) – 8:00min/mi for 6mi, leave at 8:05pm Sharp

Pace Group 3: (Mariana) – 9:00min/mi for 6mi, leave at 8:07pm Sharp**KNOW THE ROUTE** *KEEP IT CLEAN**

An Choi for Dinner Post-Run

**Lost Weekend X OSR Marathon Training Compliant**

Cut Sheet:

– Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn Bridge
– Chambers to West Side Highway
– West Side Highway to Spring
– West Side Highway to West 12th for **Group 1 8mi Option**
– Back to LES
**Click maps for detailed routes**
OSR Tuesday Night Run_9.17.13_6mi
OSR Tuesday Night Run_9.17.13_8mi