OSR Tuesday Night Run: +- 6mi Flat

Meet 7:30pm at Lost Weekend NYC. **KNOW THE ROUTE** * KEEP IT CLEAN*

Group 1:  (Rebekah) 7:00min/mi, or less, for +- 9mi – Leave at 8:00pm Sharp

Group 2: (Chloe Bullets) 7:01min/mi – 8:30min/mi for +- 6mi – Leave at 8:05pm Sharp

Group 3: (Mariana) 8:31min/mi – 9:30min/mi for +- 6mi – Leave at 8:07pm Sharp

An Choi for Post-Run Dinner and Drinks

*OSR x Lost Weekend NYC Marathon Training Compliant*

*Group 2 & Group 3 Cut Sheet:
– South on Allen to South St.
– South St. West around the tip
– Through Battery Park
– Up the West Side Bike Path to Canal St.
– Spring St. to LES


*Group 1 Cut Sheet:
– Williamsburg Bridge and Back – then follow Group 2 and Group 3 Cut Sheet


**Click Map for Group 2 & Group 3 Detailed Route**
OSR Tuesday Night Run_10.8.13_6mi
**Click Map for Group 1 Detailed Route**
OSR Tuesday Night Run_10.8.13_9mi