OSR Men’s 10k: Recap

The all men’s version of the OSR10K took place on August 7th, 2014. This post documents the race as it unfolded..with words and pictures.

This race was a follow up to the very exciting Women’s 10K, which was won by Leigh Gerson with a time of 38:13.4 on May 1st, 2014. Unfortunately we did not have the benefit of photography at the women’s race.

For the Men’s 10k I teamed up with photographer Parker Feirbach to document the evening. Parker had recently documented the Midnight Half and produced amazing work, he came through again with this event. We were fortunate enough to have Lost Weekend NYC host us, thanks to Mike Little. We also had the benefit of fresh coconut water and fresh squeezed juices for competitors, staff and spectators by Summers Brooklyn, thanks to Chris Taha.

There was a very competitive field of runners for the M10K. This race was about putting some of the fastest locals up against each other on a course that challenged the athletes in speed, split-second decision making and willingness to take risk. As always, the race was set in the context of live traffic, at night and with no course markings or road closures. It was up to the athletes to know the course before lining up, failure to run the required course would lead to disqualification.

The official results are as follows:


The following images show the sequence of events on that summer evening, ending with the climactic finish of OSR newcomer Broderick “Brodie” Gann. Brodie ran a very smart, strategic race, surprising mostly everyone by overtaking the favorite, Asher Fusco of the NY Harriers. Both ran their asses off and gave the spectators an amazing show.

All images are by Parker Feierbach, with the exception of some I took from my bike as I escorted the leaders through the course.


Summers Brooklyn keeping everyone hydrated with fresh coconut water and fresh squeezed juices.



Some of the boys hanging out before the start, (from left to right – Adam Barcan, Tom Weir, Sean Patrick, Joe Daird and Daniel Meisen).



Official Start List: David “Shadi” Perez, Sam Anderson, Daniel Meisen, Asher Fusco, Adam Barcan, Broderick Gann, Joe Daird, Zach Mangan, Matthew Dinusson, Tom Weir, Jan Muench & Sean Patrick



The start led by Joe DiNoto, assisted by Sebastian Solomon (left) & Evan Cooper(not pictured). The pack was escorted across Delancey St. for a rolling start entering the Williamsburg Bridge.

As the lead pack began to separate entering the pedestrian path of the Williamsburg Bridge, early signs of the battle between Brodie and Asher started to develop. They both pushed each other, exchanging the lead a few times, creating a gap from the rest of the field.


Asher Fusco (black tank) and Broderick Gann as they ascend the the Williamsburg Bridge headed towards Brooklyn (Image by Joe DiNoto).



Broderick Gann eventually backed off Asher Fucso as the two leaders approached the apex of the Williamsburg Bridge (Image by Joe DiNoto).

As Asher blazed the descent into Williamsburg he separated from Brodie and the rest of the field.


Asher Fusco, with a significant lead over the rest of the field along Kent Ave. (Image by Joe DiNoto).

Asher and I were alone on Kent, no one else was in sight. Asher was flying, looking as though he was going to crush the field. I knew other guys like Matt Dinusson, Jan Muech, Sam Anderson and Zach Mangan could give Asher a run for his money..but they were no where to be seen. Asher was killing it. Then, out of no where along Flushing Ave. bike marshal Evan Cooper caught up to me. I asked him if there was anyone else close by, as I had yet to see any other competitors since the Williamsburg Bridge. Evan informed me that Brodie was closing in. This was sick because no one had ever met Brodie before, and therefore, no one expected him to be in the running for victory. But all of a sudden there he was, and closing in fast. Brodie’s attack along the last mile, or so, of Flushing put him right on top of Asher as the two carved through traffic on to Sands St.


Broderick Gann closing the gap on Asher Fusco as they approach the Sands St. climb towards the Manhattan Bridge (Image by Joe DiNoto).



Sands St., Broderick Gann making his move on Asher Fusco to take the lead (Image by Joe DiNoto).

Brodie, now in the lead, really started to kick as he made his way across the Manhattan Bridge. At this point I had lost sight of Asher..although he was not far behind.


Broderick Gann beginning the ascent of the Manhattan Bridge headed back towards the Lower East Side (Image by Joe DiNoto).



Broderick Gann in the shadows of the Manhattan Bridge as he descends back into the Lower East Side (image by Joe DiNoto).

Brodie was dominating by the time he reached the descent of the Manhattan Bridge. Evan Cooper and I escorted him as he transitioned from bridge back into the street and made his way towards Orchard.


Broderick Gann, winner of the Inaugural OSR Men’s 10k setting the course record at 33:23.5.

Brodie powered through the remainder of the course, leaving the rest of the field completely out of site. It was an amazing run and watching Brodie’s strategy play out was a real pleasure. The battle between Brodie and Asher was awesome, Brodie and Asher seemed to test each other at the start, igniting Asher into a fast pace for majority of the race. Ultimately Brodie’s more reserved approach left him with enough gas in the tank to overcome Asher in the last mile and a half of the race.


Asher Fusco, followed closely by Matt Dinusson, as he crosses the finish line.

Asher giving 120% as he completes the course with a time of 34:57.2. Matt Dinusson, in the background, coming in a close third with a stellar run at 34:58.5.


From left to right Zach Mangan (4th place), Sam Anderson (6th place) and Adam Barcan (5th place).

This picture shows the level of competition this race created. Sam Anderson was leading as these three descended the Manhattan Bridge. Having got caught waiting for traffic at the intersection of Bowery and Canal, Adam and Zach closed the gap and turned the last quarter mile into an all out sprint with Zach overtaking both Sam and Adam for a solid 4th place finish.


Jan Muench storming up Orchard Street to take 7th place.

Jan Muench, coming in 7th at 36:46.7, was coming off injury and a victory earlier in the year at the OSR 30mi Manhattan Perimeter Race (winning time of 3:12:18).

Joe Daird came in 8th  with a finishing time of 37:42.1, Tom Weir finishing 9th with a time of 38:33.9 (both not pictured).


Sean McDowell coming in 10th.

Sean McDowell had a great run finishing the course in 43:16.0. Following Sean was Daniel Meisen coming in at 49:58.0, and David “Shadi” Perez at 55:55.8.


David “Shadi” Perez as he crosses the finish line.

I would like to thank everyone that raced, attended and volunteered. Race wouldn’t have meant anything without you all of you there.

Thanks to Broderick Gann for coming from out of no where and redefining what i thought “fast” was.