Everyone is welcome. We run at threshold pace – that is a different pace for almost everyone each Tuesday, so your pace is ok, whatever it is. We expect you to know the route before you arrive by checking the website the afternoon of the run. We ask you to be respectful to our hosts, our neighborhood and each other. When on the run you are responsible for your own safety. 

Joe Dinoto

A born and raised New Yorker, Joe DiNoto founded Orchard Street Runners after a successful yet unfulfilling career in architecture. Growing up, Joe spent his spare time helping his Dad out on his bread route, playing basketball, oil painting, and drawing. After high school, he attended Buffalo University for architecture and FIT for computer animation/interactive media. Today, his passion for running, design, and knack for bringing people together has enabled him to create a culture-driving NYC running community that emulates both the grit and energy of the city. Entering OSR’s eleventh year, Joe’s creativity and background continues to permeate everything he does, and has led to a series of world-renowned, unsanctioned running races. When he isn’t directing races, he can be found designing apparel, advising brands on product lines,  or consulting on private productions/events. 

corey weiss

Manhattan, NY native, Corey Weiss, joined Orchard Street Runners in 2018. Starting off as an athlete, and transitioning to Race Director in 2020, Corey currently aids in operational management and event production/design. A lifelong runner, Corey began competing at the age of 10 and continued throughout college, racing as a division one steeplechaser for Elon University. After graduation, she managed a running specialty store, and worked as Head Buyer for the company. Additionally, she conducted biomechanics analysis on clients, and coached the local cross country team. Today, she balances Joe’s unconventional approach to racing with a more traditional running background/expertise. When not working on OSR events, she can be found consulting on private events/productions or writing/illustrating.