Flow with Sammee, Yoga: (4) Private Sessions (meeting once a week) for 1-2 People

Donated to the OSR Silent Auction to Benefit the Lower Eastside Girls Club by @Chasing_Sammee, (4) Private Sessions (meeting once a week) for 1-2 people.

Flow with Sammee, Yoga: RUNNER Rx – The runner’s high is one of the more addictive natural highs but running is tough on the body. Yoga: RUNNER Rx privates are designed to loosens tight spots, strengthens weak spots, with a shot of core work and a focus on breath-body connection that will leave you feeling mentally grounded, focused and ready for your next run. You’ll be a better, less injury-prone runner! These sessions are designed for you to reach your personal best come race day when you are lacing up your sneaks or any regular day just walking the streets.

Value: $200