10/26/2021 OSR Tuesday Night Run: +-14mi, 3 Bridges – Death Run

Meet 7:30pm at Regina’s Grocery (27 Orchard St), leave to run at 8:00pm SHARP

Bag check and restrooms provided, masks must be worn at start, finish and whenever proper social distancing cannot be achieved

Regina’s offers OSR attendees a discounted price on their amazing sandwiches. Order before the run to have your sandwich ready upon our return



– Orchard to Broome
– Broome to Norfolk
– Norfolk to Delancey
– Delancey to Williamsburg Bridge
– Williamsburg Bridge to South 5th
– South 5th to Kent
– Kent to Franklin
– Franklin to Eagle
– Eagle to Pulaski Bridge
– Pulaski to Jackson
– Jackson the Queensboro Greenway
– Queeensboro Bridge to 57th
– 57th to the West Side Bike Path
– West Side Bike Path south to Houston
– Houston back to LES

**Click Map for Detailed Route**

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