The Final OSR Silent Auction for the LES Girl’s Club

The OSR Silent Auction for the LES Girl’s Club is my favorite event of the year. It is an opportunity for everyone that comes to our weekly runs to give back to the neighborhood that has made the last 4 years of OSR possible. For those that want to help out with this years event, there are many ways that you can do so.

I ask that anyone reading this, that comes and runs on Tuesday nights, contributes to this year’s auction in some way, either by donating, volunteering, reposting information etc. Together we can make it the best auction yet…time to give back.

A Brief History on the Event:

Back in early 2012 a couple friends and I were interested in running the NYC Half that was coming up that March. Mike Little (owner of Lost Weekend), Mark Muscarella, and I had missed the opportunity to register for the race, leaving only one way for the three of us to get in..and that was through a charity. After a bit of research we decided to pool our efforts to benefit the The Lower Eastside Girls Club. We all loved the neighborhood and wanted to find a way to help out the people around us that needed it most and we liked the idea of focusing on helping the kids. We obligated ourselves to generate $1500 each in donations to gain entry into the race via the Girl’s Club, and decided we would hold an event to help our efforts along. Together we put on the 1st OSR Silent Auction.

At the time, brainstorming a way to generate donations fast, I remember thinking that it would be cool to put together an auction. I wanted to do something a little different than the usual parties and fundraising events I had been to. I had met, and become friends with, many of the local resident artists and business owners living in the neighborhood while working at a popular local restaurant. I knew I could generate a lot of key donations to pull off the event through this local community as we all supported each others projects and endeavors. That first year my efforts, combined with Amy Severino, Mike Little, Mark Muscarella and many other friends, produced a 3 hour event that generate over $7,000 for the LES Girl’s Club. Lost Weekend was the venue, Jason Jinx and David “Shadi” Perez provided the music, Barrio Chino donated the Grapefruit Margarita open bar, and over 65 local artists and business owners donated framed artwork, gift certificates, etc. to the event. We had 150+ locals and friends attend the auction and I think everyone had a really good time.

The success of the first auction lead to the second auction a year later, and a third the following year. The growth has been amazing..last year the 3rd event was housed at the amazing Ludlow Studios, a perfect venue for the event. Throughout the night we had over 300 local residents and friends come through the space to check out over 130 donated items from local businesses, artists. The formula has stayed largely the same with Jason Jinx and David Perez spinning the night of along with Barrio Chino grapefruit margaritas at the open bar. Last years we saw just under $10k for the Girl’s Club

The Final OSR Silent Auction:

This year will be the 4th and final OSR Silent Auction for the LES Girl’s Club. The continued success of this event over the last 3 years has generated close to $30k total for the LES Girl’s Club. The impact of our efforts have directly effected the lives of hundreds of Lower East Side girls. They know OSR by name over there in Alphabet City, where their brand new building houses all of their facilities under one roof. OSR, and the community that contributes to our silent auction, has helped to make so many things possible for the girls in this neighborhood. I have seen it first hand, it is an amazing feeling to walk into their building once a year with a stack of cash and hand it to them.

This event is important to me. It is my way to give back to the neighborhood that has helped me so much along the way with OSR, and it is the one time I ask those that come to OSR to give back. I don’t get paid to hold weekly runs, events and races..I do it for the love of it all. If you come to my events, my weekly runs or my parties I urge you to be a part of this one event. This is what I ask in return for the 4 years of hard work I have put in to providing you all with Orchard Street Runners.

I have to put this event on, it generates so much in such a short amount of time and with very minimal individual effort. Its success simply requires that many people each contribute a little. Please, be a part of this event this year. Donate something amazing, something above-and-beyond. I will provide an In-Kind Donation for so you will be reimbursed for your donations retail value when you file this years taxes. I will come pick it up, you don’t even have to get out of your chair. I really want to blow away all the previous records this year. I would love to hand the Girl’s Club 20k after this event is over..its really not that hard of a goal to reach if everyone takes part.

If you are interested in donating, volunteering or attending all information for the event can be found here, on our “Events” page. If you have any questions, please email be at:

Thank you.