What I Wish I Knew When I Started Running

Distance running is a solitary act. The reason I run distance is because the state of mind I am trying to achieve is only found after several miles of intense, uninterrupted running..when the body adjusts to the stresses of a faster pace carried out over an extended distance. That level of clarity is specific to those moments during a run..when your consciousness detaches from your legs, heart and lungs. When you are inside looking out at a body acting on its don’t have to think about breathing or moving your legs or how your foot strikes the pavement. Someone else is are left free to explore your mind. It is in achieving this level of consciousness that my passion for distance running was spawned. Everyone, at some point in their life, should make an effort to reach this state of clarity.

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How to Dress for Inclement Weather

One of the most asked questions I get is, “What do I wear” given any particular weather condition. I think there are a lot of new people in the running community, and even veterans, that are giving winter running a chance for the first that there are all these groups and people to motivate you. With all the major brands devoting more resources to the development of quality winter running gear, we have a great selection of functional apparel to choose from. This isn’t about plugging some product, this is about how to approach cold, wet conditions.

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How it Started

I initiated our first runner meet up in an attempt to get a girl I liked to run with me. The idea was to have other people around to keep things from being “weird”. I set a time and a place after talking it over with a few friends who had expressed an interest in running. I was lucky enough to have Mike Little,  owner of Lost Weekend, interested in hosting a running group at his new shop. I sent out a Facebook invite and Mike offered all those who ran a free cup of coffee.

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